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1270 Avenue of the Americas 15th Floor, New York, NY 10020
Ph: (212) 897-5160
Hours: M-F 9:00am - 6:00pm ET

The respected travel professionals of Imbriani Group have served as a premier resource for the travel community. Together we are accustomed to arranging private safaris in Africa and yacht charters to undiscovered coves, snagging tickets for coveted events and reservations to exclusive restaurants. We know the best guides in any given city and what not to miss along the way. We understand remote adventure, ultimate relaxation and discriminating tastes. In short, we deliver above and beyond your highest expectations.

Altour has always offered the highest level of personal attention and state of the art technology to our clients. Consistent with this approach, Imbriani Group offers you the ability to explore online opportunities pre-screened for our clients coupled with the availability of dedicated travel advisors ready to assist you in selecting and booking the right package at the right price for your budget.

We have forged partnerships with the most respected travel suppliers in the world with whom we have developed unique and exclusive vacation offers designed to meet the needs and tastes of our clients.

With our new website, you can search vacation packages by destination, supplier, vacation type or special interest. After searching through our vacation database, you will have the option of calling us or sending us an online reservation request for availability.

Imbriani Group will help you find the trip that is right for you. Our team of experienced agents is available to answer your questions or book your travel.


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Office Manager: Sandra Baldini
Address: 480 Pothouse Road, Lenox, PA 19440
Telephone # : 615-555-1612
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Agent Name: Ty Greenberg
Address: 335 Campwood Dr., Lenox, PA 19440
Telephone #: 615-555-1454
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Agenct Name: Estelle Noyes
Address: 256 Valley Forge Parkway, Great Valley, PA 19480
Telephone #: 615-555-2123
E-mail Estelle