ALTOUR Works: Travel Management Services

We would like to collaborate with you to create a customized travel program that aligns your goals, objectives and company culture with our extensive services! With over $2.6 B in sales and over 63 offices, ALTOUR is one of the largest travel management companies in the world. We leverage this advantage to secure travel components to exceed your expectations and impact your bottom line.

  • Negotiated supplier discounts
  • Customized reporting solutions
  • Extensive non-refundable ticket tracking
  • Personalized consultative services
  • Travel policy compliance
  • Budget management consultation
  • ALTOUR24 emergency support



Service Configuration – The Reservation Process

ALTOUR Agent Works™ - Our flexibility allows us to offer a variety of options to your company. From utilizing reservation centers to on-site agents, ALTOUR provides professional, courteous service to your travelers, including full Japanese language capabilities through ALTOUR Japan.

ALTOUR Booking Works™ - ALTOUR supports various booking tools and will customized your site, build your travel policies into the tool, create and execute an implementation plan, including communication campaigns, and traveler and travel arranger training to ensure the highest satisfaction and adoption rates.

ALTOUR VIP Works™ - ALTOUR recognizes the need for heightened attention for your VIP’s and are able to meet their unique requirements. Unique needs require a unique approach, 24/7/365 – and we’ve got you covered! Our specially trained, extremely polished agents will provide high-touch, consultative service for your discerning VIP’s.

ALTOUR FARE Works™ - Our proprietary fare-checking tool provides customers with the satisfaction of knowing they have access to the best fares (domestic and international)   available. Our system also provides automatic access to supplier websites to secure promotional or other non-GDS rates, ensuring your travelers will make the most of their travel budget.

ALTOUR Hotel Works™…Your travelers will sleep better - ALTOUR’s unique hotel programs feature flexible options to meet your needs:

  • ALTOUR Preferred - Major Business Centers, Lower Rates - Over 250 business-oriented hotels located in major financial and business centers worldwide have joined the ALTOUR Preferred Hotel Rate program.
  • ALTOUR Consortium - over 34,000 Properties Worldwide, 20 - 34% Savings. ALTOUR Consortium’s corporate rates represent significant corporate discounts at virtually every major hotel chain.
  • ALTOUR Hotel Collection - Luxury Properties, Unique Amenities - Over 1,300 world-renowned properties have joined the exclusive ALTOUR Collection Program to offer our clients’ upgrades, breakfast, VIP guest status, daily newspaper, late checkout and other unique amenities.

ALTOUR Quality Works™ - Behind the scenes, ALTOUR is working for you. Our automated quality control system validates the completeness and accuracy of every reservation so your employees can travel, worry-free. This multi-faceted checkpoint includes everything from obtaining preferred seats and applying unused ticket credits to profile and policy management.



The Trip

ALTOUR24 –Around the clock and around the world, we offer access 24/7/365, to an ALTOUR professional to help when life’s emergencies arise, and when voicemail is not an option. Our specially trained teams are available to assist with travel changes, cancellations and other travel challenges.

ALTOUR Guardian Works™ - A best in class travel program includes a strong, duty of care program. Through Guardian Works™, our team will help you design a program to fit your needs around the world.   Our central command team monitors world events and provides travel alerts in a time of crisis. Traveler tracking is available in real-time to ensure your travelers can be contacted on a moment’s notice.

ALTOUR Portal Works™ - Mobile app integration means your travelers will have access to their travel reservations at their fingertips, 24/7. We provide customized portals which can include many useful travel apps along with access to your company’s travel information.

ALTOUR Jet Works™ - When commercial schedules don’t align with your needs, ALTOUR Jet Works™ can assist. Jet Works™ offers flexible charter jet solutions ranging from light to heavy jets and seating up to 10 passengers. Global capabilities are available for trips up to 4,000 miles with speeds up to 530 mph.

ALTOUR Ground Works™ - Ground Works™ provides ground, rail and sedan transportation around the world. Negotiated rates are loaded into the GDS and we are able to provide integration with Uber and other platforms.



Account Management Services

 Your designated Global Account Manager is the ultimate link between you and ALTOUR. Jointly with the ALTOUR Client Services Team, they take a consultative role, matching your needs to creative solutions through extensive collaboration.

ALTOUR does not structure our Account Management by air spend ratio. We handle accounts based on geographical location and specific needs of the customer. The number of accounts assigned to each Global Account Manager varies based on size, scope and needs of the customer. ALTOUR diligently ensures that each Global Account Manager has the tools and support to service each account providing the extra level of customer service that ALTOUR is so well known for.

For international travel programs, the Global Account Manager will work with a Local Account Manager in each area to consolidate reporting, leverage supplier negotiations and share best practices.

ALTOUR Sourcing Works™ - This team of professional specialize in supplier negotiations and relationships, and will assist your team in sourcing airlines, hotels, ground transportation and payment solutions. Our approach with our suppliers is to create a long term partnership, where relationships are valued, and honesty and integrity is a given. Our strong alliance and buying power allows us to effectively negotiate the best overall value for our customers.

ALTOUR Payment Works™ - Flexibility is important so we offer a variety of payment and reconciliation options to your company. With direct data feeds, you are assured of accurate processing and reporting.

ALTOUR Data Works™ - There is no such thing as too much data. At ALTOUR, we are able to report on multiple data elements in real-time, and with online access. Dashboard, analytical reporting on a local, regional or global basis is available as well. Reporting can be provided on a pre or post trip basis.

ALTOUR Report Works™ - Working in conjunction with Data Works™, we utilize industry leading reporting tools which fully integrate with all Global Distribution Systems. Our dedicated data analysis staff will align data software solutions with specific customer needs to perform ROI analysis and other travel report metrics through our dashboard reporting. We also provide training so your team is able to run their own reports on a 24/7/365 basis if desired.



Global Travel Network

ALTOUR is proud to be a member of Radius Travel, comprised of 74 member agencies, servicing over 80 countries worldwide. Our mission is to make global work.    

We start with our partnership with outstanding local agencies across the globe. These Radius members have been leaders in their own markets for years — and have not been transplanted into them. They understand local and business culture, language, technology, and supplier relationships.  

As one Radius customer puts it, “These are agencies that really know the market. They develop a very quick rapport with our local offices as if they’ve been interacting for years. I can’t communicate to you how far that goes.”

In some respects, these agencies are as different as their markets. But they are Radius members, and that means that from Mexico City to Mississauga, they meet Radius’ high operating and service standards. In addition, more than 80 percent of members are shareholders in Radius, further reinforcing their commitment to working effectively with Radius and with one another to serve our customers.

There is more to a global travel program that works than outstanding local agencies.  ALTOUR in conjunction with Radius is equally focused on providing the centralized services that you need to design and manage the program from your office.