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Highly experienced agents that understand the flexibility and organization that’s needed. Over two decades of experience with touring parties. Close relationships with the travel vendors you use. Exceptional service and benefits when you need it now. Not later.

We’re an extension of your team – not just a travel agent

You need a team that works for you. A team that has the relationships to get things done. No matter the time of day. No matter the country. A-party or C-party. We don’t just handle touring. We’re an extension of your team.

Unparalleled tour coordination

We coordinate the touring parties to arrive or connect together. Set up detailed hotel riders. Negotiate housing contracts. Locate bus parking friendly hotels. Set up greeters. Coordinate decoys for back-door arrivals. Coordinate ground transport. Organize all the information in one central location. It’s about making the tour manager’s life easier…as far as the travel details, at least.


The SELECT Hotel Collection

This curated collection of four and five-star luxury properties creates the ideal backdrop to your getaway. Whether you're island hopping in Greece or spending a weekend in New York City, you will enjoy a complimentary array of unique amenities and VIP-worthy privileges that craft an authentic, memorable experience.


Private jets

All charters are not the same. Taking a regional flight is different than flying halfway around the world.  When your travel needs change, we are available.  This flexibility ensures that you will get exactly what you need at the very best price.


Safety and security

Prioritizing the safety of our clients is paramount. Our identity theft program, 24 hour support and medical repatriation services are here to give you peace of mind.

There is a new identity theft victim every 2 seconds. When traveling, you are up to 4 times as likely to be a victim of identity theft. Maintain peace of mind on your vacation with identity protection for you and your family.

Our identity protection program for travelers reduces the risk of identity theft by:

  • Monitoring millions of data points for suspicious use of your sensitive personal information
  • Alerting you at the earliest sign of fraud
  • Quickly helping to resolve any incidents that occur.

If your wallet, passport, credit card, or other important document is lost or stolen, we’ll have them canceled and help get a replacement – no matter where you are in the world.

Learn about our Identity Theft Program

No Matter Where. No Matter When.

One call to ALTOUR’s 24/7 after-hours emergency desk is all it takes. Rapid re-accomodation. Assistance with flights, hotels and car rentals.  

Responsive service when you need it most.

Foreign travel advice for UK Citizens.

Foreign travel advice for USA Citizens.

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