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Lenox, Massachusetts, USA
Jenny Cook
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Lenox, Massachusetts, USA
Canyon Ranch

Lenox, Massachusetts, USA

My recent trip to Canyon Ranch was exceptional on many levels. Winter-time is magical in Lenox, and the fact that there was fresh snow added to my own personal experience. Being a California gal, I can count on both my hands the number of times that I have been in the snow. The morning “pole” walks to get your heart rate up turned into snowshoeing- and after a few minutes one did not even feel the cold temperatures. Cross country skiing was also available (shoes/skis and poles included) For those who stayed in-doors the gamut of stretch, meditation, cardio (state of the art equipment), indoor racquet sports, yoga, swimming pool with classes- in other words no shortage of opportunity to challenge yourself. Lenox is easily accessible from New York, 2 ½ hours by train to Albany and Canyon Ranch will come and get you, included in the cost of the stay, an additional 50 minute drive.

In a nutshell...

Today’s Canyon Ranch experience is more than Spa, Yoga and Diet although those do still factor in. The classes, the instructors, the staff all create a positive experience for one to open- up to find the inner you. The focus is on health, healing and spiritual wellness. There are opportunities to have your Tarot Cards read, or for you to try Acupuncture, to take cooking classes, make jewelry/paint and to learn how to stay healthy with top doctors in the health field. I found that the spiritual element resounded with me as our lives are so full of outside noise. Why not take a moment to reset and clear one’s mind?

Good grub?

The food was delicious. One certainly could not feel deprived. Cappuccino, eggs, vegetables, protein, snacks- even cookies and ice cream for dessert. Portion control is the key factor in enjoying food.

Get any souvenirs?

What struck me most was…

If you do one thing...

I suggest you try something you have never done before or think you might not enjoy. Many of the classes are set up for all levels. The take-away might be that you find an activity to add to your list.

Local gem?

Defining moment?

Just being there. I had forgotten what it feels like to disconnect, even for an hour. The recurring theme is to take that moment for you on a regular basis.

Bizarre encounter?

Favorite activity?

Snowshoeing! If there is no snow, get outside, the area is beautiful even if you stay on property for your outdoor walks.

Favorite experience?

My other favorites were the African Drumming class where everyone had their own drum, we are taught three different rhythm patterns- in the end we incorporated to create a diverse sound in the room. Restorative Yoga to the sounds of Katherine Hamer’s Tibetan Healing Bowls was a final touch to send me to sleep in a relaxed state.

Favorite restaurant?

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