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Lenox, MA
Jenny Cook
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Lenox, MA
Miraval Berkshires

Lenox, MA

My girlfriends and I were planning a trip together to celebrate a birthday. Miraval Berkshires was a perfect destination, not only for the proximity (3 hr. drive from Manhattan} but also to be able to comfortably experience an opportunity to get away in an environment that felt safe during the pandemic. Masks were required to be worn by both the guests and the staff. Massachusetts travel requirements that were in place during March were that individuals needed proof of a negative Covid test or to be fully vaccinated. Class participation was limited. Dinning was distanced as well. The Berkshire location for Miraval is new, having opened last July 2020.

In a nutshell...

Miraval, Life in Balance. The “I” in Miraval represents the individual. As an individual one can choose to exercise with intensity, to participate in yoga/stretch/meditation classes, to be outdoors and experience nature with hiking, mountain biking or to push out of your comfort zone by taking a challenge course (climbing wall for example). Of course, there is the Spa menu- everything is so inviting, making it difficult to choose just one treatment. The accommodations are luxurious and the furnishings/décor of the property are warm and visually appealing.

Good grub?

Staying at a spa does not mean you are deprived of delicious food. Portions are sized, smaller quantity and yet certainly filling. Breakfast included grains/eggs/smoothies/juices/fresh fruit and even a delicious waffle or pancakes. Lunches- salads/soups/fruits/vegetables/grains. Dinner- salads, pasta/meat/fish and even dessert. Every meal had vegetarian/vegan options. Wine is available at dinner in addition to a small bar area in the Roost lounge.

Get any souvenirs?

What struck me most was…

Miraval is not just for women – I was pleasantly surprised to see more couples (husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend) in addition to girlfriends traveling together. There were also quite a few single travelers, both male and female.

If you do one thing...

Stay longer than 2 days. There are so many activities to take part in. On my day # 1, I participated in a HIIT with Intention Class; Shoulders set Free; Cardio Glow (drumming on Medicine Balls). Day # 2, Cooking class (Restoring Bone Broth); Kennedy Park Hike; Meadowview Farm & Barn Tour; Movement, Mobility and More; and a Mindful Photography Stroll (I learned some tricks on my cell phone). Obviously, there was so much more to do, to try and to discover.

Local gem?

Wyndhurst Mansion, overlooks the Berkshire Countryside. I suggest having a glass of wine as the sun is setting, the view is amazingly beautiful.

Defining moment?

? Miraval is a digitally device free environment. In addition to the fact that I live in Manhattan, my days are filled with sounds. The weekend served as a reminder that being able to hear nature and quiet was an additional step in taking a moment of caring for myself.

Bizarre encounter?

The afternoon of the Meadowview Farm and Barn Tour, Jen Leahey (Animal Connection Specialist) told us the story of Homer the rescue owl. I don’t want to spoil the moment by telling Homer’s story as it reflects so much on how understanding other species can help us to better understand ourselves.

Favorite activity?

For me, it was just being away and specifically being at Miraval. The retreat can be whatever you as an individual want it to be. Time away to rejuvenate, time away to learn, time away to heal and time away just to be away. To add, the Cardio drumming class was such fun and I worked up a sweat.

Favorite experience?

Yes, one can swim anywhere there is a pool. However, the lap pool at Miraval was very spectacular.

Favorite restaurant?

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