ALTOUR is the largest Travel Agency in Central California with offices in Visalia and Fresno. Our award winning agents have an average of 25+ years in the travel industry and we are justifiably proud of their expertise and experience in the field of travel.

We specialize in individual, group and multi-generational travel working with the best Cruise and Tour companies. We will customize your vacation requests to meet your family’s needs. We pride ourselves in finding the unusual, like finding a private island in the Caribbean for a once in a lifetime honeymoon to renting a turn-of-the-century historical estate in Ireland for a family reunion to doing community service in far off lands.

We are a full-service travel agency that focuses on Customer Service. Our business travelers appreciate our attention to detail when issuing tickets and dealing with airline, hotel and car programs. We are open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm, after hours by appointment.

So we invite you to visit us and let your travel professionals turn your travel wishes into unforgettable memories.

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6715 N. Palm Ave., Suite112  Fresno CA  93704

Opening times

M-F 9:00am - 4:30pm & after hours by appointment only

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(559) 431-1800


Dana Huckestein
Corporate Travel Specialist @ Pet Travel Specialist 431-0414
Patti Kunkel
Certified Travel Consultant @ Accredited Cruise Counselor @ Destination Specialist for Europe, South Pacific, Tahiti, & Caribbean @ Certified Princess Cruise Line Specialist @ Honeymoon Specialist 431-0415
Maureen Wagner
Vice President Operations, Fresno & Visalia 431-7207
Jo Anthony
Independent Contractor 435-0663
Melanie Chandler
Independent Contractor @ Group Cruise Specialist @ Designation Specialist for Hawaii @ Princess Cruise Academy Commodore @ Honeymoon Specialist 435-0665
Lorraine Kazarian
Independent Contractor @ Certified Disney Resorts Specialist 431-6987
Rosa Forlines
Independent Contractor Certified Travel Consultant @ Destination Specialist for Canada @ St. Lucia Specialist @ Honeymoon Specialist 297-4775
Georgia Knapton
Independent Contractor 226-1166