Entertainment Travel

Entertainment travel is unique. We strive to meet your high expectations, whether you’re handling film and TV productions, celebrity travel, band and broadway show tours or on-location fashion shoots.


Film and TV
production travel

Headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices in New York, London and Paris – and with brick and mortar locations in tax incentive states. Global logistical support. Hotel contracts for crew and talent. Car and truck rentals. Passport and visa service. We get it. We deliver.


production travel

We specialize in housing and production logistics for the theatrical touring market. All staff are experts on the unique needs of touring, along with the various union contracts and requirements. We also specialize in short-term housing for Broadway productions based in NYC, for creative teams or visiting stars.


Music tour travel

Highly experienced agents that understand the flexibility and organization that’s needed. Over two decades of experience with touring parties. Close relationships with the travel vendors you use. Exceptional service and benefits when you need it now. Not later.


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