Traveler resources

The US Government’s Passport/Visa advisory site

US Department of State’s list of active Travel Warnings

The Transportation Security Administration keeps travelers up to date on security measures and policies

Flight Delay Info: An interactive map indicating delays at US airports

Traveler tools

See what Mother Nature has to say about your travel plans

Avoid jetlag and set your watch before you go with this handy global timezone map

Currency Converter. Make sure you know how much you’re spending on your next trip

The inside scoop

GBTA: The Global Business Travel Association: links, news, resources about the field

Airport Reviews: Know the features and layout of the world’s airports before you go

Seat Guru: Reviews of the best seats on individual planes and airlines

Luggage Forward: Irregular, heavy, or surplus baggage for cheaper than the airline

Our favorite travel blogs

Just Got Back: Inside tips from first-hand experience, from recent travelers

USA Today: The best resource for keeping up with the domestic airline industry

TNooz: Regularly updated, important info on how travel and tech continue to co-evolve

Business Travel News: News from the industry

NatGeo Intelligent Travel: The most visually stunning travel blog on the web

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