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Buenos Aires and Mendoza, Argentina
Renee Lladoc
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Buenos Aires and Mendoza, Argentina
Four Seasons Buenos Aires, Palacio Duhau- Park Hyatt, The Vines Resort, Casa De Uco Resort

Buenos Aires and Mendoza, Argentina

This was only my second time in South America and first time in Argentina. I had no idea what to expect or what I would find, but by the end of the trip, I never wanted to leave! We started out with three days in Buenos Aires staying between the Four Seasons and the Palacio Duhau-Park Hyatt. We did tours of the residential neighbourhood of Recoleta, historical downtown, and La Boca. We also visited several art galleries and museums and did a private cooking class experience with a local chef in his private kitchen. To top off our experiences, we got tickets to see a fabulous tango dinner show! After the big city of Buenos Aires, we went up to the wine country in Mendoza, Argentina. Mendoza is right next to the Andes Mountains, so the views are amazing and there are so many vineyards everywhere you turn. We stayed between the two beautiful hotels, Casa de Uco and The Vines. The area is mostly known for their vineyards, so there are plenty of options to do some wine tasting or explore the vineyards. When we were done with wine, we got to do some of the local hiking trails and did an early morning horseback riding experience where we watched the sunrise. It truly was a place in paradise!

In a nutshell...

Argentina is a truly one of a kind destination. It is a country that has an embraced so much culture and history, but at the same time has much to offer its citizens and tourists. When walking down the street, you could feel you are in Paris, Barcelona, London, and Rome! The people were so welcoming and are so friendly that during my tango lesson, one of the locals brought me right in to dance! I loved my time in Argentina and wish I could have stayed much longer!

Good grub?

I loved going to the Mercado San Telmo. It is marketplace full of foods and goodies so you can get small bites of empanadas in one booth, then get pizza at the next, or grab some sweets for the day. No matter who you are, you will find something good to eat here! For a fine dining experience, I really enjoyed the steak at the Four Seasons restaurant, Elena. It has a bold and elegant design style and the staff was truly remarkable with their attention to detail.

Get any souvenirs?

It is essential that you visit Casa Del Dulce de Leche! It is a store full of different types of dulce de leche and they are perfect to bring home and give as gifts to friends and family. Believe me, you will want to bring a whole case back.

What struck me most was…

If you do one thing...

In Buenos Aires, I would suggest taking a tour of La Boca. It is different than any other part of the city and it is full of color, music, and food! The buildings have been converted to small shops and restaurants, but all the buildings are the original structures painted with murals to showcase the history of Argentina.

Local gem?

There is a little café called Café Tortoni. This café is over 100 years old and is a local favorite. The décor is like you are being taken back in time and they have the best churros. I highly recommend getting there early to avoid a long line to get in.

Defining moment?

In Mendoza, we had a wonderful guide take us into a hike of the Andes Mountains. The sights were gorgeous and we got to see some wild horses. After the hike, our guide organized a wonderful lunch back at his property where we were served with amazing bbq and wine. Our guide and his team were so wonderful that at the end of the lunch we were dancing in the fields, playing with his dogs, and singing karaoke!

Bizarre encounter?

Favorite activity?

Horseback riding was one of my favorite activities of this trip. I rarely have ever been on a horse, so it was a special experience. We did a sunrise riding tour which was breathtaking and then the hotel offered horseback riding around the vineyard, so by the time I left, I felt like a true cowgirl!

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