Travel Leaders’ International Network Gathers in Greece

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Travel Leaders Corporate and the Travel Leaders International Network partners from across the globe gathered in Athens, Greece this September for the inaugural Global Partnership Conference. The event served as the first worldwide gathering of the Travel Leaders’ International Network since the team was founded three years ago.

The innovative global expansion team was first assembled in 2019 to increase servicing abilities beyond North America and provide enhanced services to corporate clients requiring international support. Today, the international network has grown to over 80 partners servicing 91 countries in all regions of the globe, including Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and EMEA.

With more than 70 countries in attendance, the two-day summit offered partners the opportunity to reconnect, discuss expansion opportunities in a post-covid environment and learn about exciting new client solutions.

“The main goal of the conference was to understand the incredible depth of the network and the value members can offer each other as we grow the business together,” said Susan Lancaster, Director of EMEA Partner Management at Travel Leaders Network.

The theme of the historic event was “Travel 3.0 Winning Together,” an idea that signified leveraging the unique international network for client success.

“Where Travel 1.0 was about organizing travel programs and Travel 2.0 was about moving the organization online, Travel 3.0 is about the deeper exploration of the impact of travel for all stakeholders,” said Mike Boult, President of Travel Leaders Corporate.

In addition to partners, there were also select suppliers in attendance, including many that had provided technology solutions for the event. In feedback surveys conducted after the event, attendees appreciated the forum’s informational agenda, along with the ample networking opportunities to connect with fellow partners and suppliers.

“Every time I had a conversation, it was inspiring to hear the collaboration, learning, and understanding taking place,” said Susan Lancaster.

And what’s to come in the future? Lancaster said the tentative plan is to hold the conference every 18 months. Thank you to the international team for their attendance, our supplier partners, and the beautiful country of Greece for hosting an amazing event.

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