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Cozy Up and Hunker Down

As the summer’s blistering heat fades into nothing more than a memory, and its lush greens taper into a kaleidoscope of crimsons and golds, embrace the changing of the seasons and plan your sweater-weather getaway ahead of the curve—from the rim of the Icy North Atlantic to the fairytale esque Scottish country—even if just for the weekend.

The Edge of the World

Fogo Island, Newfoundland

Perched in the center of an unforgiving wilderness, on the rim of the icy North Atlantic, Fogo Island sits at the edge of the world, forgotten by some and unbeknownst to many. As humble as it is breathtaking, immersion into the natural world has never felt so organic.

The largest of Canada’s Newfoundland and Labrador islands, Fogo Island is 16 miles long and just shy of 3,000 residents. It’s heritage of Elizabethan English and Old Irish settlers lends itself to a particularly unique blend of dialects, cultures, and folklores, set in a remote, traditional North Atlantic fishing village. Dubbed as “An Island off an Island” and known for its seven seasons, year-round locals and visitors alike enjoy some of the world’s best berry-picking, snowshoeing and snowmobiling, and “ice pack” displays.

More withdrawn than most bucket-list destinations, the Fogo Island Inn is a rustic, quaint escape that doesn’t ask you sacrifice any comforts—only pause your fast-paced state of mind. Surreal and inviting, like out of a dream, step inside and drop your bags at the feet of wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling windows. Your frame to the Atlantic’s mesmerizing blues is complimented by easy colors and soft patterns, mastering the balance of elegance and comfort in the subtlest way… Reminiscent of something precious, nostalgic for something you didn’t know was missing.

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Curl up in the Country

Gullane, East Scotland

Buried on the southern shore of Scotland’s east coast, there’s a village far enough inland to be country, remote enough to stay tranquil, and dear enough to call home away from home. Curl up here in historic Gullane: a sweet spot nestled between the nation’s capital and uninhibited North Sea.

Teeming with lush greenery and known for its world-class golf courses and trimmed gardens in the summer months, the rural village of Gullane makes an idyllic Scottish destination year-round. From its rugged coastlines to crumbling 13th century ruins to coordinates just 20-miles east of the nation’s heartbeat of Edinburgh, multitudes of birdlife flood the skies and shores above what was surely the inspiration behind Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. Rich and sparkling with fairytales, the undiscovered caverns beneath castles, and an isolated 130-year-old lighthouse pressed against the deep blues of the sea, Gullane somehow becomes even more inviting when blanketed with snow.

With paisley accents and cozy touches, the Greywalls Hotel and Chez Roux is an Edwardian country home designed to retain the Scottish essence of both period and place. Hosting just 23 rooms within its two stories, check in to one of The United Kingdom’s loveliest boutiques where intimacy and luxury meet, and refined elegance and timeless charm reach their peak; then curl up in the library and flip open that novel you’ve been carrying around for months, or catch-up with an old friend over one of Scotland’s finest malts. Whatever you chose to do here will be time well spent—so much so, you may even forget you’re away from home.

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Living on Mountain Time

Asheville, North Carolina, US

Trailing along the east coast, from Georgia to Pennsylvania, the tallest peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains are found in Virginia and North Carolina. Where wines taste richer and your fireplace burns brighter, find solace in the substance and clarity in the quiet of living on mountain time.

Home to America’s favorited Blue Ridge Parkway and stretch of the well-weathered Appalachian Trail, the range is named for its distinguishable blue haze and pursued for its vast, breathtaking surrounds. Asheville, North Carolina, one of few pioneer towns dotting the hillsides, preserves the region’s 18th century roots while buzzing with the conveniences of a modern metropolis. At the heart of the valley, this crossroad community provides the perfect gateway to explore the unspoiled region—whether lit up in autumn with crimsons and golds, or a white-washed wonder after winter’s first snow.

Archaic and moody spaces lead to the freshest and brightest bedrooms and suites, these two distinct halves piecing together the Grand Bohemian Hotel. Inspired by a bygone era of glamor and pizzazz, the Tudor-style 2007 build seamlessly brings modern tastes to vintage touches at Asheville’s center, just outside the Pisgah National Forest and a mere stone throw from the historic Biltmore Estate. In your room, a calming palette of robin’s egg blues and caramels, sink back onto plush bedding beneath milky lighting, or refresh with a massage for two at the Poseidon Spa downstairs. Spend an afternoon perusing local and international art in the gallery or admiring the ballroom’s Swarovski chandeliers before enjoying the Red Stag Grill’s fine American fare—followed by a nightcap of Kessler in the Black Forest Wine Room.

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Oblivion’s Gate

Suðurland, Iceland

At the edge of the map sits a whole other world, where abysmal gorges carve up valleys and waterfalls tower around every bend. Iceland’s southern coast stands in isolation, beneath uncharted skies swarmed with impossible greens, at the gate of oblivion with beauty so immense you forget the very presence of time.

The Nordic island nation of Iceland, known as the land of fire and ice, is reputed for its dramatic landscapes, extraordinary natural wonders, and remarkable adventures. Through bubbling geysers, over Europe’s largest glacial tundra, and across dusky meadows spotted with sheep, each domain of this desolate land vibrates with a cosmic energy found nowhere else on earth. Surrounded by the Atlantic’s unexplored depths and winters sheltered by 19-hours of darkness, Iceland stirs with life, from frozen ground to a sky full of stars laced with a ballet of inexplicable greens.

Sunken into the landscape between Hella and Hvolsvöllur, on a property dotted with geothermal hot tubs and built from sweet-smelling woods, Hotel Rangá welcomes you with open arms into a regal shelter from the cold, basecamp for exploration, divine culinary experience, and observatory for Norden’s unmissable light shows. Here in the south, find yourself in proximity to some of the island’s greatest attractions: the hollow wreckage of a downed US Navy DC-3 aircraft (no casualties resulted from the 1973 incident), great pillars of basalt stretching skyward from ash-colored sand, and a glacial lagoon swimming with Vatnajökull’s icy deposits. After satisfying your deepest hungers and curiosities, wrap up in locally sheared wools before panoramic views and let everything about this place seep into your soul. Where Scandinavian simplicity, refreshing sea-inspired tones, and the demeanor of a huntress melt together, Hotel Rangá is where home meets fantasy, and fantasy finally transpires to reality.

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