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Wells, Nevada, USA
Jenny Cook
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Wells, Nevada, USA
Mustang Monument

Wells, Nevada, USA

This was my first trip since the end of February. Traveling was easy and stress-free, including getting through airport security. Delta Airlines is honoring its commitment to block middle seating to not sell their flights to capacity and successfully implement its Delta Care Standards. Mustang Monument is a 3-hour straight drive from Salt Lake City Airport. Upon arrival, we were greeted by the owner Madeleine Pickens along with a beautiful lunch served by the friendly staff. Thus, the amazing three days began…

In a nutshell...

Best described as an American Safari, built on over 900 square miles of land, this eco-resort showcases the Wild Mustangs, running free and protected in their wilderness. The 10 cottages are well-appointed, comfortable, all decorated individually. There are also 10 tipis that are versatile to sleep in or for hosting private dinners. The real experience is being outdoors- early morning involves feeding the wild mustang by pushing off bales of hay from the back of a trailer truck and then sitting to watch the horses. In the afternoon there are options to hike, trail ride, take an ATV tour, or practice on the shooting range. Kids' activities include archery, wagon rides, horseback, and outdoor games. Chef Chris Schuetta served up yogurt parfait, skillet Frittatas, crispy bacon (for breakfast), salads and creative sandwiches (for lunch). Dinners were 4 courses with choices for entrees of fish/meat/vegetarian, finishing off with desserts of Strawberry Spoon cake, Banana pudding, Peach Tart to name a few.

Good grub?

Get any souvenirs?

What struck me most was…

Noticing how it felt to be outdoors, to be able to breathe the fresh air, to be able to slow down enough to watch these beautiful animals and to be able to take the time to listen to the wind.

If you do one thing...

Get up early to have coffee followed by feeding the horses. I honestly could do that everyone morning even if I stayed for seven days at the resort.

Local gem?

Mustang Monument is the gem. Simply put, one might never really understand the experience without going for themselves.

Defining moment?

The last couple of months have been difficult for everyone. I truly believe that we all need to find our level of comfort in order to get back into traveling, or can I say get back in the saddle? These three days gave me hope that we will return to experiencing the world.

Bizarre encounter?

Favorite activity?

My favorite activity was the ATV tour. It was quite exhilarating to bounce and zip over the hilly terrain while safely strapped in with protective headgear. Can you imagine being out in the middle of nowhere to arrive at a table set for a picnic lunch?

Favorite experience?

The Native American music group Brule directed by Paul LaRoche performed cultural rock with theatrical instrumentation. The moment was breathtaking along with being very spiritual.

Favorite restaurant?

The two main venues for food/drink are Ruby’s and the Salon. Both spaces are creatively decorated to capture the eye, without taking away from the comfort one would expect in a 5 Star resort. It is also important to note that there is an abundance of space both inside and outside, allowing for social distancing.

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